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Letter of Recommendation for Internal Medicine Residency


A letter of recommendation for Internal Medicine Residency has to come from the doctors with whom the applicant worked in a clinical rotation in this field. The letter should make reference to the events you mentioned in your essay so that the readers get two different points of view on your abilities in the same situation. An Internal medicine letter of recommendation should be written in such a way that the readers are not left in any doubt as to the skills of the applicant. We have the writers that are skilled in writing a LoR for Internal Medicine Residency.


What Must Be included in a Letter of Recommendation for Internal Medicine Residency?

In the letter of recommendation, Internal Medicine Residency committee officials look for three important points:

  • Your evaluation of the medical student’s strengths and weaknesses through the work in which you had direct contact with the student
  • Your assessment of how well this student will perform in the residency program
  • Any information you feel that will demonstrate that this applicant stands out from the competition

A letter of recommendation for residency in Internal Medicine should not be any longer than two pages. If you can say all that you have to say about your recommendation for the student on one page, then that would be even better.

Tips for Writing a Letter of Recommendation for Internal Medicine Residency

The introductory paragraph of an Internal Medicine letter of recommendation should provide details of the capacity in which you are acquainted with this student and his/her abilities in this area of specialization. Since the goal of the letter is to recommend that the student is accepted into the residency program in Internal Medicine, all the details you mention in the letter should relate to this.

This is not the time for vague and general observations. The readers of the LoR for Internal Medicine Residency want to know the specifics. You have to write about specific experiences in which you saw first hand that this applicant has the potential to work in Internal Medicine. You do not have to include any personal details about the student. Any information of this nature that is relevant to the application will be included in other sections of the package.

We know that not all doctors are skilled in writing a letter of recommendation for Internal Medicine Residency. We can assist you with this in the expert service we provide!